NYC&G Finalist! 2019

NYC&G Finalist 2019!


Thank you so much @cottagesgardens !!!
I am especially proud of this project. As a mother and an entrepreneur I understand the importance of “it takes a village”. And so does this family I worked with. The importance of family, their tribe, is foremost. At any given time, In this incredible townhouse, three generations of family live together, harmoniously I might add. My clients, they live on one floor, their kids on another, their parents on one, with ample room to hang out all together (favorite spot is the kitchen... duh) or get lost in each of their own special nooks throughout the house. I especially loved working on this mamas office - she is an author, a mother, a ceo for a pharma company, runs a blog, I mean the list goes on and on... and to be able to create a space that helps her be the best that she can be for all those around her, but especially herself - well, I am blessed that I can call that my job.
Hard work does pay off!!