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Meet Brett Helsham

A young designer unbound by the rules of a rigid aesthetic, Brett Helsham’s work is unfussy, beautiful and effortlessly cool. Her projects often play on the juxtaposition between calm, classic choices for furniture and lively accessorizing with a citizen-of-the-world openness that informs her work. A fan of patterned wallpaper, Helsham has a knack for finding fun choices for each client.

Following a childhood spent traveling and living around the world with her family, in such places as Hong Kong, South Korea, Belgium and Italy, Helsham graduated with a BFA from New York University and an MFA in Interior Design from the historic New York School of Interior Design. 

"I was very influenced by watching my mother design our homes when I was younger," says Helsham. "Growing up in five countries, I was given the opportunity to witness interior design from the ground-up over and over again. I fell in love with every step of the process."

Following her graduation, Helsham worked as an Associate Designer at Wettling Architects until 2013, when she signed on as Senior Designer for formidable firm Mr Call Designs. In 2014, she left to found her namesake studio, now working in residential, hospitality, retail and commercial design internationally.