January 2017

It certainly has been a while since I last posted!!!! Two years?! We, at BHD, have been busy! But I want to switch gears a little bit. In this climate - where the world seems turned upside down - I want to take the time (when available) to reflect on anything BUT design, and then how through design we might be able to help each person more inspired to fight the good fight, every day. 

It has been 1 week after what began as the largest movement around the world to protest, what started as barriers against women's rights, but ultimately became a campaign for basic human rights for all.

Some have been asking questions (which is good!) about what is happening - and if you are in the dark, the anti-inauguration march, and subsequent ones after, should be an indication that there clearly something wrong. But lets break it down - here in the US we have sworn in a #notmypresident who has pledged to nominate a Supreme Court justice who opposes abortion rights and to dismantle a health care act that covers contraception and get rid of #plannedparenthood that provides free reproductive health care services that saves millions of lives a year. His appointees have track records of voting to cut funding for anti-domestic violence programs, opposing increases in the minimum wage and restructuring Medicaid — moves that disproportionately affect women and minorities....and that's just touching the surface.

People have been thanking me for attending the March - black friends, white friends, family, people I don't even know who responded to my posts. I have been battling my feelings around this all morning. I did not do it for gratitude, but I'm the one that needs to give thanks, as something has awoken inside me.... Marching with over a million brothers and sisters, sometimes so packed together we could not move, you could feel the spirit burning amongst us. I literally was battling the flu, and lost my voice that day, but I am one of millions who came together and have been heard....and we will not stop.

I may not understand what some go through on a daily basis regarding discrimination, hate, oppression or those who live in fear, but I DO know it goes on and it NEEDS to STOP NOW. We are ALL responsible for change and we all need to fight for each other. We, of all colors, creeds, religions and genders make up this great nation. It is now up to us to stand up for equality for all. This is our inauguration present to you, Trump....and it will be the gift that keeps on giving, because #lovetrumpshate.

Hunting for Marble

Choices Choics

Choices Choics

Pictures never do anything justice. We all know this from trying to buy anything online. When it comes to my interiors, I want to see and judge every piece that goes into. If I can't sit in it or feel the fabric, see it in person, I don't specify it. The same goes for marble. Every lot is different with their own imperfections which makes each marble unique. This past week I went to several marble yards to try and specify slabs for the top of the tub in the guest room, as well as the kitchen and master bathroom counter tops. I went to NY Stone, ABC Stone, and Hellas stone, all amazing yards with a wide variety of standard and unique marble. I'm super psyched about our choices and can't wait to show you as they get to site and they start to get fabricated!! 

October Already?!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 5.10.58 PM.png

My how time flies! Summer has come and gone - reflective of it being very busy. But all that working has paid off - with October here, with it brings new projects, which I'm excited to share with you soon!

September was filled with running around town with client/contractor meetings, sourcing, pitching and surveying. Furniture was bought, walls were put up, and extra scope was added to some projects - a designers dream! 



Happy August everyone! As July ends, so does my first install on my own. It's not entirely done, though I don't think homes ever are, but I'm really pleased with the outcome.  This music industry couple wanted to have a lot of fun with their loft, and we paid homage to great musicians throughout the space. Only one piece of furniture came in damaged, and although the sofa and media console have been, yet again, delayed, these will eventually pop into place. Click through the images to see more - I hope you like it!

Wallpaper up!

Being a designer has its perks, but I don't sleep. I wake up most nights, wide eyed, heart pounding - "did I measure correctly?", "will if fit?", "I ordered the right colour...right??" - seams trivial but it's my job to manage perfection, which, as you know, is almost impossible. After the design is complete, Interior Designers become the messengers - managing and relaying the information to the client from the vendor. With several channels of information that passes hands before it gets to you, every document must be double checked several times
because human error in the design world is, unfortunately, constant.

So, as expected, today is the day we install wallpaper and electric solar shades and I am exhausted. I received the wallpaper in one standard wallpaper box and I about lost it - I mean we're talking 13' high ceilings and all that custom wallpaper from England fits in one box!!!???

BUT the wallpaper is in and looks fantastic, if I do say so myself!! Up without a hitch. The shades, however, another story. Two out of the three were perfect - but the motor on the middle window was sent incorrectly so the "up" button made the shades go down, and vise versa. Human Error. But that's why I use The Shade Store - they are fantastic. A new motor is on it's way to the site and will be installed correctly next week. Easy!

Is this thing on?!?!

Can I be frank with you? This is a blog. And as silly as it might be, I'd like to use it as a diary to chronicle my new journey. For those of you that know me, this isn't my first career. Is it my last? Who knows, but it certainly is something I am most passionate about. Although I have been working in the interior design industry for the last few years, it was time I take the leap and start my own company - something I always wanted do. I am pleased to announce I officially launched June 1st, 2014! I am proud of the work I help produce for some amazing companies and mentors. But now it's my turn. But this isn't just about me. It takes a village to create an amazing space. Designers don't just pick out pillows (which I am pretty sure is what my Dad still thinks!!) We create a mood, help create how one feels within the space, create the ambiance. And yes, we do pick out pillows and we do create something aesthetically pleasing. But that is subjective. There is a lot of coordination and project management that goes into it. I am simply the conductor, and without all the instruments, (contractors, wallpaper hangers, vendors, painters, builders, upholsterers, you name it...) none of our vision gets complete. So with that, as I start to build my portfolio and broaden my client base, I'd like to show you the process - or at least my process - the behind the scenes of what goes on as I design. Certainly the before and afters, definitely the good, the bad and the ugly!! So ride with me, as I design. I hope you enjoy it!