Wallpaper up!

Being a designer has its perks, but I don't sleep. I wake up most nights, wide eyed, heart pounding - "did I measure correctly?", "will if fit?", "I ordered the right colour...right??" - seams trivial but it's my job to manage perfection, which, as you know, is almost impossible. After the design is complete, Interior Designers become the messengers - managing and relaying the information to the client from the vendor. With several channels of information that passes hands before it gets to you, every document must be double checked several times
because human error in the design world is, unfortunately, constant.

So, as expected, today is the day we install wallpaper and electric solar shades and I am exhausted. I received the wallpaper in one standard wallpaper box and I about lost it - I mean we're talking 13' high ceilings and all that custom wallpaper from England fits in one box!!!???

BUT the wallpaper is in and looks fantastic, if I do say so myself!! Up without a hitch. The shades, however, another story. Two out of the three were perfect - but the motor on the middle window was sent incorrectly so the "up" button made the shades go down, and vise versa. Human Error. But that's why I use The Shade Store - they are fantastic. A new motor is on it's way to the site and will be installed correctly next week. Easy!

brett helshamComment