Is this thing on?!?!

Can I be frank with you? This is a blog. And as silly as it might be, I'd like to use it as a diary to chronicle my new journey. For those of you that know me, this isn't my first career. Is it my last? Who knows, but it certainly is something I am most passionate about. Although I have been working in the interior design industry for the last few years, it was time I take the leap and start my own company - something I always wanted do. I am pleased to announce I officially launched June 1st, 2014! I am proud of the work I help produce for some amazing companies and mentors. But now it's my turn. But this isn't just about me. It takes a village to create an amazing space. Designers don't just pick out pillows (which I am pretty sure is what my Dad still thinks!!) We create a mood, help create how one feels within the space, create the ambiance. And yes, we do pick out pillows and we do create something aesthetically pleasing. But that is subjective. There is a lot of coordination and project management that goes into it. I am simply the conductor, and without all the instruments, (contractors, wallpaper hangers, vendors, painters, builders, upholsterers, you name it...) none of our vision gets complete. So with that, as I start to build my portfolio and broaden my client base, I'd like to show you the process - or at least my process - the behind the scenes of what goes on as I design. Certainly the before and afters, definitely the good, the bad and the ugly!! So ride with me, as I design. I hope you enjoy it!

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